Welcome to Tamarisk



Welcome to our neighborhood. Beautifully situated beneath majestic trees, Tamarisk is a true oasis in the desert. It is the home of 61 beautifully designed 2-story town homes and a variety of wildlife indigenous to the area. It is located near the intersection of Rio Vista Natural Resources Park and the Rillito in north-central Tucson. This website should help answer some of your questions about life at Tamarisk.



Water usage on the rise at Tamarisk


Our monthly water bill for the whole complex has been on the rise lately. In recent months it has gone up dramatically. This cost is ultimately passed on to you, the residents.

Tamarisk spends almost $30,000 a year on water! That’s over $40 per household per month. Even though water is included in your monthly HOA fees, it is not free and our dues will have to be adjusted according to our expenses such as water use. Some residents think that a well supplies our water. It does not. Our well water is only for the central irrigation of the plants. Our drinking water and water from your outdoor spigots comes from the City and we pay for it on a metered basis.

The Association urges you to see the direct connection between your water usage and your HOA fee. Conservation of water is not only a good idea for a desert environment but it also saves us money. Please do your part to conserve water at Tamarisk. Click here for tips on how to save water.

Some tips to saving water: Make sure your toilets are not running and replace the rubber stopper if they are. It’s simple and easy to do. Flush toilets only when necessary. Car washing is prohibited on site. Try sweeping walkways and patios instead of hosing them down. Replace non-native plants with desert natives or desert adaptive plants such as agaves, cactus and succulents. (Plants outside courtyard walls are on the central irrigation system and do not need to be watered.) Reduce the numbers of plants you have and use rocks, wood and other objects for ornamentation.

If you prefer to water the plants outside the wall, we will arrange to have the irrigation turned off for that area. If you see plants wilting, an irrigation leak or irrigation running constantly, please report the problem immediately to David Gilmore at 981-9248. Please don’t take it upon yourself to turn valves on or off as this endangers the health of our trees and plants.